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Landing page, squeeze page and minisite design

Landing Page, Squeeze Page and Mini-site Design

Convert Visitors into Buyers
The objective of a landing page is to convert a visitor into a buyer. A landing page must consist of elements that persuade visitors to buy a product or service. To achieve this effect, a landing page should be concise, diverting the attention of the reader to the main points of sale and ultimately issuing a call-to-action.

The main elements of a landing page are:
  • Graphic headers.
  • Bulleted lists.
  • Testimonials.
  • Purchase buttons.

Our data assistants have an extensive working knowledge of all these essential landing page elements.

It's all About Consumer Psychology
Designing a landing page that sells is a time consuming and hard job that requires in-depth research on the ways in which your product should be presented. You need to have the right graphics, the right selling copy and the right layout. Landing pages are in essense about consumer psychology; knowing what will draw the attention of the reader into the page making them feel compelled to buy your product or service.

Leave your landing page design to us. Take a much deserved rest while we design you the ultimate landing page.

Build an Extensive Mailing List Through a Successful Squeeze Page
One of the fundamental elements for marketing your product or service is the squeeze page. A squeeze page is designed to establish leads through a call-to-action such as signing up for a newsletter or freebie of some kind. Achieving a list of targeted subscribers that are interested in what you offer is the most important aspect of all your marketing efforts.

An effective squeeze page through which your visitors will become leads and potential buyers needs to be strategically laid out. You need to have an appropriate opt-in form and solid copy  to attract the attention of the visitors without distracting them from the main objective. The objective being that they register their e-mail address in your database so you can contact them later with an offer of some description.

The Effectiveness of a Mini-Site
Most marketers would agree that modern day Internet marketing is far more effective with a mini-site than with a 20 page website. The advantage of the mini-site resides in its impact on the visitor. Marketers already know that the average visitor tends to skim read text and look for relevant information. The visitor will read parts of the copy very quickly and will skip unimportant or wordy sentences.

The mini-site presents the product or service in a very compact and direct way, creating a call-to-action by using convincing graphic headers anda  personal way of addressing the visitor, often in a letter style approach.

We Apply the Know-How While You Have a Rest
Whether landing page, squeeze page or mini-site, don't get bogged down for days on end trying to figure out the most visitor convincing strategy. Let our seasoned professionals apply their experience and knowledge of consumer psychology to your page. Take the weight off your feet, get home on time for once and have an early night while we work our magic. Use us, that is what we are here for!