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Installation of Content Management Scripts and Add-Ons

Installation of Content Management Scripts and Add-Ons

(Joomla, , Drupal, Railfrog, etc)

What are Content Management Systems (Scripts)

Want to build a content management website? Not exactly sure what CMS is? Content Management Sytems (CMS) allow published websites to be customized and updated regularly from a user friendly portal. Due to their flexible nature, CMS allows the user to update navigation bars, links, content and images in a fast and effective way.

Take Control of Your Website
CMS gives you complete control of your website and eliminates the need for you to rely constantly on web developers.

But even with all their flexibility, configuring these scripts comes with a fair share of complexity, especially when you want to customize the script for your specific needs, and let's face it, what is the point of having a website if it is not customized to your objectives?

Here Comes the Tricky Part of CMS
You will want to customize the look and feel of your script, then you will want to add in specific functions. The main problem with these scripts is that they do not come packaged with all the components necessary for your purpose. For example; you will need to install an add-on to make your script SEO friendly, and you may want to have flash slideshows so you will need to add on a module for that. There is a vast range of modules and components you can add on to your script. The installation and configuration of these modules takes considerable time and can be very tricky.

Help is at Hand
By all means you can try to configure CMS for yourself, but if you are someone who is used to having annoying technical tasks done for them, then you will be looking for an assistant. And look no further than this page, You have us here to wait on your technical needs hand and foot.