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Web Content Writing

Web Content Writing

Web Content Matters

Your website copy is the most essential element of your website. Your content needs to engage the reader and encourage them to stay surfing on your website. First you will need to consider the theme of your website. Are you offering services or tangible products? Then you need to consider who your target audience is and what sort of visitors you intend to bring to your site. For example; is your target audience children, teenagers, middle aged persons or old people? The style of writing you use on your website will differ depending on these factors.

When you hire us to write copy for your website, the first thing we do is analyze all of these factors, and only after we know exactly what your objectives are do we start to write the first draft.

We then start to analyze the other elements of the copy. This includes the headlines, the type of fonts used, the font colors, the paragraph organization, the sections, the text layout and images and the spacing. The text is analyzed right down to the last detail in order to make sure it meets with your objectives. 

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Web Copy
Another huge consideration is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When we compose your web copy, we do so in a way which is 'search spider friendly'. This means that your content can be easily indexed by the search engines and subsequently gives your pages a better ranking position.

Not Just 'Any Writer' Can Write Web Copy
Writing successful copy for a website is a complex task that cannot be done by just any writer. Web content writing is a skill that takes years to hone. Writing web copy yourself is without a doubt cutting an important corner in your quest for a successful web presence.

Waste Our Time Not Yours
You may have all the will and desire in the world to write your own copy, but let's face it, you would probably be more useful and productive doing other things for your business. Leave the job of writing your web copy to professionals. Don’t waste hours sitting there trying to think of what to say, let us waste our time doing it for you. Remember: Datassistants are ready to assist you at any time. Just tell us what your website is about and we will start writing immediately.