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E-book Writing & Design

E-book Writing and Design

The Most Effective Way of Marketing Information

Are you an info marketer? Is your job selling information products? If so, you need to write e-books. Did you know that e-books are now the most common method of publication online? Due to their massive distribution potential, e-books have become the preferred information product for marketers all over the world.

Writing an E-Book is a Daunting Task
Writing and designing an e-book involves a tedious series of tasks. These tasks range from gathering your research and creating a draft, to designing the covers and planning the overall structure. You will also need to research appropriate copyright free images. There are a number of other considerations too. You will need to think about security measures to protect the contents from being plaguerized, you will need to ensure you create the correct layout and file format for publication, and on top of all this, you need to come up with marketing initiatives to promote the book.

Writing an E-Book is Time Consuming 
Publishing an e-book is one of the most time consuming information marketing tasks there is. In the present day, the majority of marketers outsource the work to professional writers so that they can get on with promoting their product portfolio, rather than being bogged down  in MS Word all day. 

Let us Write Your E-Book
Datassistants offers you a full e-book creation and publishing service. You tell us the subject matter and the content requirements, and we write the e-book for you. We also take care of all your publishing and promotion needs. Start work on a new information product while datassistants completes your previous idea for you!