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Partition recovery

Partition Recovery

It is not always the entire hard drive that becomes corrupted. Quite often, only one partition is affected. If one of your hard drive partitions has disappeared or cannot be read, we can still recover it for you. We work with state of the art software that analyzes the hard drive and attempts to re-organize its tracks to get the partitions back to their original state.

No Fix No Fee
You may have noticed the word ‘attempts’ in the sentence above. This is simply because we cannot guarantee that your partition or any of the files within the partition will be recovered. However, our service is risk free. If no partition is recovered, you don’t pay us anything (just the packaging and shipping costs). So, before you commit your hard drive to the rubbish bin, why not let our hard drive professionals have a go at recovering your partition. No fix no fee, it's as simple as that.