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Data Recovery

File Recovery From HDD After Formatting

So, you are panicking because you formated your hard drive and all of your files have disappeared! Not necessarily. You may have been told that once you format the hard drive all your data is erased. But technically this isn't true...

Partition Recovery

It is not always the entire hard drive that becomes corrupted. Quite often, only one partition is affected. If one of your hard drive partitions has disappeared or cannot be read, we can still recover it for you.

File Repair

It has happened  to all of us at some point. You have been opeing a Word or Excel file with no problem for months and then all of a sudden the file just won't open anymore. When you have been working on a document for days and it decides not to open you can get pretty downhearted and stressed...

File Password Recovery

It seemed like a good idea at the time, locking your document with a password so nobody could access your work. Problem is, the password you thought you locked the document with is not opening the file...