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Classified posting

Classified Posting

Classified Ad Posting is an Important Marketing Tool

Classified ad posting is no less important than article marketing or any other publishing of information. Classified advertising can mean regular adverts posted on a classified ad system, like, or adverts which can be posted on Facebook or any other similar advertising system.

The Internet contains many classified advertising sites. Perhaps the most famous of them all is  Craigslist, which over the years has become the preferred classified online system. The advantage of posting an ad in a place like Craigslist is that it is visited by hundreds of thousands of users and your ad is likely to be seen by large amounts of people. If you include a link to your web page in an advert you will see an immediate hike in visitors.

Classified Ad Posting is a Great SEO Tool
Many sites offer classified posting for a fee, others offer free posting. It is a good idea to start out with free posting first to see how successful your posts are. One great advantage of classified advertising is that your ad also doubles up as a useful SEO tool. Google will index your ad when it is posted on classified systems with high page rankings like Main Street Fair.

Classifieds serve a double purpose: on one hand they advertise your product or service, on the other they help to promote your website.

Classified Ad Posting is Worth Doing, But is it Worth Your Time?
Is it worth spending hours and hours posting ads? Yes, it is. These ads will help to increase your site’s visibility. Is it too much work? Yes, but with Datassistants you can have it done quickly and efficiently without moving a finger.

Datassistants’ ad posting service is very convenient for anyone that prefers not to waste valuable time on tedious jobs such as posting classified ads around the Internet. Not only will you be saving time, you will also have professional copywriters available to write the ads for you. Let us handle your classified ad posting while you take care of the customers visiting your website.