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Article submission

Article Submission

Article Marketing

Article marketing has fast become an essential element in the promotion of  web businesses and web based products. Article marketing helps to drive traffic to your website and increase the sales of your online services or products.

What is Article Marketing
Article marketing is the publication of articles covering a topic related to the products or services you sell. The concept consists of promoting your products or services by providing valuable information to the consumer through an article.

Publishing Your Articles
Articles are published on websites called article directories. These sites house articles on a vast range of different subject matters. These articles are indexed within the search engines and will show up on search engine pages when a consumer searches a related term. When you publish an article you can include a link to your website on the same page as the article. Some well know article directories are as follows:, Article Central, Web Articles, Articles Base.

Article Submission is Time Consuming
If you have your articles ready to publish, you need to register on these sites and start publishing. Of course, as with any other posting activity, it will take you hours and sometimes days to post your article on a large number of article directory websites. For article marketing to be effective and bring traffic to your website, you need to have your link posted on as many article directory websites as possible.

Let us Automate Your Article Submission For You
At Datassistants we have an automated system in place which allows us to post your articles to a number of article directory websites using specialized software. Once we have your articles, we determine which article directory websites we will post to and set up our software accordingly. The whole procedure can take a couple of hours.  Don't waste days trawling article directories and submitting articles, have your articles up on the Internet within a couple of hours using our efficient and effective article posting service.