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Product Catalogs

Make More Product Sales
Digital product catalogs are a fantastic method of displaying your products to potential buyers. A CD with a complete catalog of your product portfolio can increase your chances of making sales. The advantage of a CD is that a person has all the products available to see at any time they want, and does not need to conduct searches on the web every time they are looking for a particular product. Being able to place a CD in a drive and view a complete product range in one go is the ultimate in convenience shopping. 

Let us Produce Your Product Catalog Today
Catalogs can be digitally produced in various formats. A catalog can include a purchase form for the consumer to print or send by email with details of their product of choice. At datassistants, we produce catalogs for an unlimited  number of products to be displayed within any of the following mediums:

  • CDR - to be played in a computer
  • Paper
  • Website
  • Computer file
  • Pdf files