Subscription Plan

30 day Free Trial
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With the free trial you can request services that can be completed within 30 days and a maximum of 3 jobs of any kind, excluding web design or SEO. Examples of services you can request are: Troubleshooting your website, installation of any script in your website such as Wordpress. Optimization of Wordpress. Data search. 30 day trial of web hosting in our hosting servers. Help with your computer (handled by an expert and using Teamviewer). Research of any information about companies, products. Data processing on any  software of your choice. Internet searches. For other tasks you just need to consult.
One Time Job
Not a final price. Request a quote by email or through the chat system.

You can only request one job with this membership and you have 20 days to complete the job and 10 extra days of grace after period expires. Your job is quoted and your payment of $30 is considered an advanced  payment. Should there be any balance, you pay about 2 days before the job is finished.

Monthly Subscription
This subscription plan allows you to choose any job. Web site design and SEO campaigns are quoted for an extra fee due to their elevated cost.

Web Hosting with Personal Support
Get the most oustanding Web Hosting Service for an affordable price. Our personal support is unique. You will not find this personalized support in any other company. CPanel Included.