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Manuscript / recordings typing

Manuscript / Recordings Typing

Give Your Secretary a Break
Yes, we know you may have a secretary. But a secretary is a human being that can only be allocated a certain amount of work, and when you have reached her/his limits, there are no resources left to get the job done, you don’t have anybody else to complete the extra work you need doing.

Let us be Your Extra Pair of Hands
With our manuscript and recordings typing service your problems are solved. Send us a recording of what you want typed. Or send us your manuscript by email. We will produce the typed version just like your secretary would do. We will produce the same quality, and in some people's opinion often better. Your secretary will thank you for being so considerate! 

For a very low fee you get all the typing you require. Our service includes letters, contracts, memos and more. You name it, we type it and deliver in your format of preference: Word, Pdf, Rich Text or any other you require.