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Data Gathering and Processing

Data Gathering from Websites

When you are doing business on the Internet, or any other activity that requires collecting information, you will be in need of specialized searches that will take you to the exact information you are looking for...

Database Editing and Data Entry

Database entry can be time consuming and extremely boring. Do you need to have a database designed for products, suppliers or any other type of data ?..

Sound Processing and

File Processing

We carry out all sorts of file processing and file conversion. We convert text to sound and sound to text. We can convert all sorts of sound files, such as .wav and .mp3 to text format. The same conversion technique allows us to create transcripts of your sound files. You can get a 5 minute voice recording transcribed into a TXT file, including the proofreading, in just 30 minutes...

Manuscript / Recordings Typing

Yes, we know you may have a secretary. But a secretary is a human being that can only be allocated a certain amount of work. And when you have reached her/his limits, there are no resources left to get the job done, you don’t have anybody else to complete the extra work you need doing...