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About Us

Datassistants is a team of computer professionals with a passion for providing web promotion and data processing services.

We started our business after recognizing the difficulties businesses and individuals were having in publishing and customizing websites. Many people get stuck trying to solve technical problems they do not have the knowledge to address, others simply lack enough time to get the job done and would prefer a professional to take care of the work for them. The last thing you want is to spend hours laboring over minor technical problems when you could be directing your attention to far more important business matters.

When we decided to offer these services we made a commitment to follow quality standards with state of the art software and practical modern day methodology. But we also realized the need to maintain good old fashioned customer service values. We work on the basis that 'the client is always right', and we are committed to providing full satisfaction and total guarantee.

Our mission is to provide a quality, reliable and trusted service at affordable rates. Our main objective is to achieve results that meet our clients requirements. We know that by helping 
people and their businesses succeed, we will be successful too. We know 
that our business will prosper in the wake of our clients success.

Our formula for a successful business is comprised of three elements; 
diligence, honesty and competitive pricing. When you have a data
problem, datassistants is ready and alert to help you out. 
Leave the data-job in our hands, you’ll be glad you did.



Our Services

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